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Imagine and plan your best adventures
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Open all types of maps: topographic, vectorial, scanned maps or even satellite pictures. You will be able to switch from one to another map, combine the information of several maps using an advanced transparency system or even use the multiple windows to display them separately. Plan your route with just a few clicks through a friendly, very intuitive and fully customizable interface.
Switch to 3D view to start an incredible experience in which you will get a better appreciation of map elevations. After that, all that remains is send the data to your TwoNav GPS (compatible with other GPS brands such as Garmin, Magellan...).
Land is the best way to plan, analyse and make each of your trips unforgettable.
Each license of Land can be activated in up to 3 devices...

  • Windows: XP (Service Pack 3) / Vista / 7 / 8
  • Mac: OS X 10.6.8 or higher

If case you have already activated your license on 3 different devices you can continue using Land on another device: Buy 1 extra activation for Land

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Software Land of CompeGPS


Use every all types of maps: topographic, vectorial, satellite pictures, free online maps... you will be able to open the most common formats (.ecw, *.bmp, *kmz, *.jpg, *.tif, *.tiff, *.png...). Create vectorial maps or even scan and calibrate your own maps.

Tracks, routes and waypoints

Create tracks, routes and waypoints by just a few clicks, edit and add stages for several days trips. Analyse them with plenty of data, graphics, etc. Save and classify your tracks by activities, distance, slope, etc.


Plug&Play communication  with TwoNav devices (Sotware and GPS). Send/load maps, tracks, routes and waypoints directly from the software’s data tree. Compatible with other GPS (Garmin, Magellan...).

Live data

Add a GPS receiver to your PC (not included) and access to live Data to get plenty of information during the navigation: speed, altitude, time to arrival...

3D View

The most realistic and spectacular perspective of your past and future trips.


Synchronise every pictures you took during your trip and place them on the map, exactly at the right place.

Land for Mac 

Land for Mac includes most functions of Windows version, while missing features and plugins (found them at the bottom of the article) will be progressively added once they have been adapted and tested for Mac.

You won’t get lost with Land. If you have any doubt before you start the trip, download the following PDF!

Download PDF
Land 7 (License) 74,37 €
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Land 7 (CD+License) 82,64 €
content Buy
Land 7 + France IGN Géoportail (1 year subscription) 82,64 €
content Buy
Land 7 + France Topo Full 288,43 €
content Buy
Land 7 + Italy: Central Apennines Topo 123,14 €
content Buy
Land 7 + Spain Topo Vectorial 164,46 €
content Buy
Land 7 (Special -50% promotion: TwoNav GPS) 37,18 €
Update Land to version 7 32,23 €
AutoCAD Module 7 32,23 €
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License extension 32,23 €

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